Monday, November 20, 2006

Welcome to my world...

Greetings fellow E-preneurs or those of you that are interested in becoming a E-preneur! I look forward to sharing with you my ongoing journey as a online business owner. Including what it's like from my perspective on topics such as:

* Online and Offline Marketing
* Administrative tasks & keeping a business running smoothly
* Customer Service
* That dreaded Book Keeping
* Promotion
* Daily Grind
* Challenges and Bumps in the road

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Kelle Arvay. I started working from home 6 years ago. I starting out selling my handmade wares online. Soon after I started designing craft patterns which I found great success and found a high demand for my designs from the public and retail shops across the country. I was pleased as punch to say the least! I went on to create E-patterns to sell online and loved that concept. E-patterns you simply email to the customer as a PDF after they purchase it. The customer receives it, opens it up in Adobe and prints it out. A wonderful concept especially for those gals that live over the pond who would otherwise have to wait weeks to receive a pattern via snail mail.

So anyway, on to the next chapter...You know I've always what you'd call a "creative thinker" and it seems my brain shifts into overdrive at times at the spark of a new idea (not good when your trying to sleep at night), and the idea came to me to improve the whole E-pattern concept. I thought why not save the designers time from having to email over the files to customers. As well as save them precious time in having to constantly check their email for new E-pattern Orders...Why not automate it? As I personally was spending way too much time attaching files and sending customers E-patterns.

So after a year of research on the idea and programming research, I launched Pattern Mart. In a nut shell, Pattern Mart offers customers literally thousands of craft patterns of all kinds from a large variety of designers. The designers can have their patterns on Pattern Mart and customers can purchase them and download them instantly after they purchase them. Talk about instant gratification! Need a pattern for that craft show your doing in two weeks? No need to wait for it in the mail.

But you know it didn't stop there. Pattern Mart has grown so much since it's launch in January of 2006. Since then we have added online classes, surveys with free instant download gifts, a automated link page where other online business owners can submit their link for insertion and much more. I'm excited to see what may come in 2007 for Pattern Mart....the "creative brainstorm" is definitely swirling at full force.

If that wasn't enough...I also own several other online businesses. I'm the co-publisher with Deena of Ewe-N-Me printables of a very successful magazine called Creative Times. It's free for readers and contains inpiring crafting articles, interviews with other successful artists and designers, tips and ofcourse several free patterns in each issue. I must say the collaboration on this magazine with Deena has been the most awesome experience. Deena is such a talented lady. She does all of my layouts for print ads and I don't think I've come across anyone that can create such vibrant and professional looking ads. I'm very blessed to partner with her....lub ya Deena!!

I also launched IPM Pro. which allows other online business owners a service where they can offer their e-goods such as e-books, e-patterns, printables, graphics, websites, and basically any downloadable product as a instant download. IPM Pro has a stand alone shopping cart that can be utilized for the purchase of multiple e-goods. Users can offer their e-goods as instant downloads on their websites, in a e-mail, auction sites, forums, and much more.

So that sums it all up and should give you an overview of what it is I do and what I'm passionate about in the world of online business. Next, I'll share with you just what it's like to run these online businesses. I'd love to hear from any of you that also works from home and run your own business! It's so neat to hear what others are doing and I love the idea of connecting with other online business owners. So drop me a line sometime.

Your friend and fellow E-preneur,
Kelle Arvay