Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Your Computer - The Heart of Your Business

When you run a online business your computer is the heart of that business essentially. There's nothing worse that having it crash or limp along, such as what mine is doing as I type this. I'm trying to think if there's anything really more aggravating....hmmm...NOPE!

In any case since my computer has decided it's going to keep giving me not just the blue screen of death but the black one...it's time to put this puppy out of it's misery. Time to order a new one. It's never easy to drop a couple thousand on a new system, especially right before the holidays. Ok, well in reality maybe it's easier for some. But for me, it wouldn't matter if I had money to burn because I always think about what I could use that money for instead like my childrens college funds, etc.

But I did order a new Dell. It's the new XPS 410 with the Core 2 Processor. I also added more ram, a DVD and CD burner, Word - Excel - Outlook preloaded, a blaster sound card, graphic card and a flat panel monitor. It's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. So I'm happy about that as originally they told me a shipping date of November, 27th due to the holiday rush.

Now the fun begins....to reinstall all my programs. Such a pain that it is and something I dread because it's quite time consuming. However, I'm just greatful more than anything that I'll have the peace of mind of a computer that isn't dying a slow death.

Here's to wishing you all happy and healthy computers! Take good care of them as your business relies so heavily on them.

Your friend and fellow E-preneur,
Kelle Arvay